3×3 Custom Post-it® Notes

Recently, Sticky Flyer Advertising added a 3×3 custom Post-it® note option to our sticky note line-up. The response has been overwhelming. The 3×3 sticky note is here to stay. In this post we give you tips on navigating the sticky flyer ordering system and highlight some 3×3 custom Post-it® note ads that we love.

Guide to Ordering 3×3 Custom Post-it® Notes

How much are custom 3×3 Post-it® notes?

Sticky Flyer Advertising has simplified the ordering process by eliminating hidden fees and shipping costs. For those who like numbers, we have broken down the cost of printing custom 3×3 Post-it® notes in the following chart. Please note, this chart reflects pricing as of February 18, 2018. Pricing and quantity options are subject to change.

Listed Quantity Total Cost Cost Per Pad (Number of Pads) Cost Per Note
1,200 Notes $128 $5.33 (24 Pads*) 17¢
2,400 Notes $198 $4.13 (48 Pads*) 13¢
4,800 Notes $310 $3.23 (96 Pads*)
7,800 Notes $420 $2.70 (156 Pads*)
12,500 Notes $491 $1.96 (250 Pads*)
25,000 Notes $519 $1.04 (500 Pads*)
50,000 Notes $880 $0.88 (1,000 Pads*)
75,000 Notes $1,320 $0.88 (1,500 Pads*)
100,000 Notes $1,760 $0.88 (2,000 Pads*)

*There are 50 sheets/ pad

3x3 custom post it note templateHow Do You Design 3×3 Custom Post-it® Notes?

The answer is…it depends. The 3×3 Post-it® note actually is not exactly 3″ by 3″. It varies from 2.75×3 to 3x 2.8. The fractions seem small, but it does affect how the artwork should be designed, especially if you want the artwork to ‘bleed’ off the side of the note.

Low Quantity Design Specifications

If you are ordering a low quantity amount (from 1,200 to 7,800 notes) the size is 3″ x 2.8125″. The adhesive runs along the 3″ edge. View our template for design specifications. The rule of thumb is to design your note with words or imagery at least 0.4″ from the edge of the note.

High Quantity Design Specifications

If you are ordering a high quantity amount (from 12,500 to 100,000 notes) the size is 2.75″ x 3″. The adhesive runs along the 2.75″ edge. Remember the rule of thumb… design your note with words or imagery at least 0.4″ from the edge of the note.

How Does It Take to Print 3×3 Custom Post-it® Notes?

Turnaround time (printing and shipping) for custom 3×3 Post-it® notes is under two weeks! The details are below.

Low Quantity Turnaround Time from 1,200 to 7,800 notes

If you are ordering a low quantity amount it takes two days to print and 1-3 days to ship. Technically, you could receive your notes the following week after you place your order and approve your proof.

High Quantity Turnaround Time from 12,000 to 100,000 notes

Larger quantities take longer to print. Typical turnaround is 5 business days after proof approval. Then you can anticipate 1-3 days shipping. That means you will receive your notes within 8 business days.

3×3 Custom Post-it® Note Sample Gallery

3x3 Custom Post It Note Ad Design

This 3×3 Custom Post-it® Note design will blow away the competition.

3x3 Car sticky Flyer sample

When advertising on a sticky note, sometimes brevity is beauty.

3x3 custom sticky note sample

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us and we will add your question to this guide.