Guide to Submitting Your Own Sticky Note Artwork

Design your own sticky noteOwning a business means you wear many hats. Many business owners design their own sticky notes. Not only does it allow you to save money, but also to design a note that is exactly what you are looking for.

If you would like to design your own, please click on one of the templates below for the art specifications:

4x3 Sticky Note template  4x6_sticky_note_template

Our clients will design their notes in Microsoft Word, Publisher, or in the Adobe Design Suite. You can also use free online design tools like, Pixlr. Use the software that works for you.

Proof Process

Before we send your sticky flyer artwork to production, we require proof approval. The proof is sent via email and includes how the artwork will be positioned on the sticky note. We recommend that you look at the proof closely in case there are any last minute changes or if there are any mistakes in the artwork. The proof process allows us to ensure the artwork will look perfect once you receive your notes.

Speaking of receiving your notes, you should expect your sticky notes to be delivered within two weeks of proof approval. If you order less than 12,500 notes, you can expect your notes in a little over one week.

Upload Your Artwork and Place Your Order

Now that you have a great design, send it to or upload it when you place your order. You will receive an emailed proof before we send it to production. Let us know if you have any question about this guide to submitting your own sticky note artwork.

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