Sticky Note Windshield Flyer

sticky note windshield flyer on car windowIt’s a parking lot jungle out there, why not take advantage of it?! Sticky Note Windshield Flyers help you post it on their driver’s side window. This sticky note advertisement will allow you to market your business without causing an inconvenience for the car owner. Potential clients can simply pull off the sticky note while they enter their car. The super sticky adhesive will peel off without leaving a residue.

People are in a hurry, so it is important when using this sticky note to have a strong marketing message with immediate impact. Make sure your sticky flyer is to the point, and conveys your business right away.  This use of Custom Post-it® Notes is a great way to reach potential clients who already are patrons of businesses in your area.

Sticky Note Windshield Flyer Marketing Ideas

  • Partner with a nearby neighbor. Offer to purchase the sticky notes with a portion of the note dedicated to their business. In exchange, they will have someone post them on cars in the parking lot periodically throughout the day.
  • Is there a big event coming to down? Visit the parking lot to advertise your business, but only if it is relevant to the audience. For example, if you are a restaurant that is open late, consider leaving windshield flyers at a local music concert.
  • Seasonal advertising opportunities abound! Accountants specializing in tax preparation can use sticky note windshield flyers in any parking lot before tax day and will see a high level of return.

Check out our designs below for other Sticky Note Windshield Flyer ideas. Contact us with any questions.

Sticky Note Windshield Flyer Samples

Sticky Flyer Advertisements on Car Windows

Sticky Flyer Advertisements on Car Windows — hit the whole block!

Sticky Flyer Advertisement on a car window. Sticky Flyers are great advertisements as car leaflets.

Sticky Flyer Advertisements work great as sticky note windshield flyer. Sticky Flyers won’t leave a residue.