Sticky Flyer Box Topper

sticky note on pizza box - Sticky Note Box TopperSticky Note Box Topper – Drive your advertising message home with premium Post-it® note box toppers. This is a convenient pizza advertising tool that your clients can literally post it anywhere. In their day planner, by their phone, or on their fridge, this convenient tool easily stays top of mind.

We want to help your business grow. Use a sticky flyer box topper to remind your current customers about the products you offer. Use it to introduce a new product, or perhaps to advertise your ‘off day’ promotions. Stick Flyer advertisements come with a full color imprint, and premium Post-it® note paper. This high quality, yet affordable, advertisement will help your business increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Sticky Note Box Topper Customer Review

Here is a review from one of our happy pizzeria owners:

We use them as sticky note box toppers, and are impressed with the success we have had. My customers say that the re-positional adhesive makes it easy for them to apply the sticky notes to a more convenient location when they get home. We have had twice as many redeemed compared to when we used to hand out flyers with each box.

Sam Marriot, Minkskey’s Pizza

Sticky Note Advertising on ‘To-Go’ Container

Pizzerias aren’t the only type of restaurant that is cashing in on this valuable advertising opportunity. When your restaurant offers take-out, it makes sense to give potential repeat customers a reason to come back. With time-sensitive coupons, you create a sense of urgency for your customers to return soon. You can also  advertise an upcoming menu update or event.

In addition, for restaurants that have no problem with repeat business, offer up this sticky note space to a complimentary business and offer you customers even more value.