//Order Custom Sticky Notes 4×6 — Post It® Note

Order Custom Sticky Notes 4×6 — Post It® Note


Custom Sticky Notes 4×6 size is the most popular personalized Post-it® note on our website. It is the largest customizable sticky note available and can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • As a 4×6 custom door flyer
  • As a 4×6 windshield leaflet
  • As a 4×6 to-go box topper

Follow the design instructions on the 4×6 template. Many of our clients will design their notes in Microsoft Word, Publisher, or in the Adobe Design Suite. You can also use free online design tools like, Pixlr. Use the software that works for you.

You will be asked to upload artwork in the next screen.

Shipping is FREE.


Our Unbeatable Prices Include:

  • Full color imprint
  • Free shipping
  • Quick turnaround
  • Premium Post-it® note paper

What to Consider When Ordering

Step 1. Decide on your message

When designing a custom 4×6 sticky note, it is important to remember that this is roughly the size of a postcard. Every square inch is valuable so it pays to be thoughtful about your marketing message. Maybe you want to show that you are the best pizzeria on the block. Maybe your lawn care services are fast and guaranteed. Whatever your message is, it will determine the following steps.

Step 2. Add value

In addition to being thoughtful for what  you want to say, it is also important to think about how this advertisement will bring value to your potential client. The top items for including on a 4×6 custom note include:

  • Announcing a store opening
  • Reminding people of your services during a specific time of year (for example, tax season)
  • Coupons to use during a return visit
  • Cross-promotion with another complimentary business (bonus: this is a great way to split the cost)
  • Home service reminders — one of the emerging uses of 4×6 sticky notes is for home service companies to let a client know they stopped by

Step 3. Design your custom sticky note – 4×6

Now that you have determined your message and your value statement, it is now time to think about how you would like to design your note. Follow our design template below and submit your order via the form.

>> Download Template (adhesive runs along the 4″ side)


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