Subscription Program for Post-it® Notes

Customer satisfaction is our priority at Sticky Flyer Advertising. When you succeed, we succeed. To help you get there, we are offering a new Subscription Program to keep your Post-it Note advertisements fresh and consistent at affordable prices.

We have three subscription tiers available

  1. Quarterly Subscription — 15% Discount
  2. Every Two Months — 20% Discount
  3. Monthly Subscription — 25% Discount
Here is what is included in your subscription:
  1. Free shipping on every installment.
  2. We can have an automatic reorder in place OR you can submit new artwork at the time of each installment.
  3. Your subscription will lock you in at the prices below for one year, even if Sticky Flyers increases their prices. However, if there is a price deduction, you will receive the lower of the price in your subscription.

Ready to place your order? Click on the size option to get started.