Sticky Flyer Door Hanger

Door HangerSticky Note Door Hanger – Are you tired of the expense and hassle of a traditional door hanger but don’t want to miss out on potential sales? Try using your premium custom Post-it® notes as door hangers. They are easy to apply and you don’t have to bother with fitting them around a door handle. The sticky note adhesive allows the customer to re-apply the note to their fridge or by their phone for easy access later on.

Trying sticky note door hangers is an easy choice. They are a fraction of the cost of traditional door hangers, and come in various sizes including 3×3, 4×3, and 4×6. Our goal is to help you increase your client base by targeting specific neighborhoods in your area. Consider also targeting local businesses by dropping of a promotional notepad. If you have any questions, our marketing team will help you reach your goals.

Check out our designs to find ideas that works with your business objective, or check out the designs below for notes specifically designed as door hangers. Our great prices makes Sticky Note Door Hangers even better than traditional door hangers.

Sticky Note Door Hanger Samples

Sticky Flyer Ad as a Door Hanger

Try Sticky Flyer Advertisements as door hangers — they are effective, they don’t leave a residue, and they get results!

Sticky Flyer Door Hanger

Sticky Flyers are novel door hangers that are effective with your clients.

Sticky Note Advertisement on a Mailbox

Use Sticky Flyers on mailboxes to stay on top of the stack.