Why Custom Post It Notes?

Custom Post it Notes AdvertisingCustom Post It note advertising is a timeless way to promote any organization. However, don’t be fooled by cheap knockoffs. Many companies will print advertisements on third party brands. Yet none of these companies come close to the staying power of 3M’s Post-it® Note adhesive.

This article highlights some of the reasons we only print on 3M Post-it Notes for our Sticky Flyer Advertisements.

It’s time to get creative with your advertising!

The Problem with Cheap Knockoffs

We get it. Steeply discounted prices are alluring, but what is the true cost? We’ve found that cheap advertisements can be a turn-off to your clients. Why? Instead of seeing a valuable ad or coupon, they will see a nuisance that doesn’t work correctly. Sticky Flyer Advertising only uses premium Post-it® Note paper. That is why we are able to ensure the quality of our product.

Below are some of the reasons we use premium, Post-it® notes for our advertisements.

  • The Most Effective Adhesive – There is nothing worse than peeling off a new advertisement and placing on a vertical surface only to have it fall to the ground. It feels like money down the drain. Premium Post-it Note advertisements have the perfect adhesive for applying to any surface without falling to the ground. The only caveat, which is obvious but we will mention it anyway, is that the surface needs to be clean and free of dirt before applying to get the maximum benefit of the premium adhesive.
  • No Sticky Residue – Here is the deal, the Post-it® note was actually invented by accident by a scientist working on an airplane adhesive. What he found instead was an adhesive that could stick to any surface without leaving a residue. The bonus discovery was that this adhesive was resilient and able to be reapplied to another surface. Brilliant!
  • Re-usable Adhesive – This what makes Post-it® notes great for advertising. You can place them on a car window, door, or ‘to-go’ box and your customer can them re-apply them to a place that is prominent for them. We’ve seen people re-post them to their dashboard, their fridge, day-planner, and even their ‘to do’ list. This re-positional adhesive is really what sets custom Post it notes apart from other forms of advertising.
  • Non-curling Paper – Cheap counterparts will curl when applied to any surface, which makes an advertisement look cheap. High quality Post-it® note paper stays straight while the adhesive stays put. Guaranteed.

At some point in the history of the Post-it® note, a creative person saw a novel use for the mighty desktop notepad. This person decided to print an advertisement on the note and a whole industry was born. The first uses of custom post it notes was on the front page of newspapers. This front page advertisement allowed companies to advertise to huge amounts of people, and it inspired even more uses for the sticky note ad — from door hangers, to car windows, and even on to-go boxes.

Post-it Note Printing

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