Top Tips for Designing Custom Printed Post It Notepads

personalized post it notes

A custom printed post it notepad is a quintessential item found on most desktops. It lends itself for personalization and fits perfectly in an envelope when sending out thank you notes.

A hallmark of marketing is to leave a lasting, positive impression on current and potential clients. One way to do that is to purchase custom printed post it notepads to advertise your business.

Post-it notes have become a staple of the office workspace. However, this opportunity for a usable, promotional gift is often underutilized. Put yourself ahead of the competition and make sure you have custom printed post-it notepads ready for your next meeting.

Purchase Custom Notepads in an Unusual Size

Standard Post-it Notepads are the size of an index card…4×3. To make your campaign stick out, try a size that isn’t the norm. For a big impression, try a 4×6 sized note (about the size of a postcard). For an even bigger impression, try our XL Sticky Notes at 10×6. Want to keep it desktop friendly? Try a 3×3 note for a small note with maximum impact.

Choose a Neutral, Yet Appealing Color Palette For Your Custom Notepads

Nothing says boring like the canary yellow post-it note. Spice it up. We offer notepads with white paper which gives you a blank canvas for showcasing your brand and your brand colors. Pro Tip: take advantage of opacity settings in your design program to fade out bright colors or to place a watermark in your design. Let us know if you would like help designing your notepads. We have graphic services available for only $90.

Leave Plenty of Room for Writing

To maintain their function, Post-it notepads need have space for people to write notes. Though this seems obvious, sometimes designers will try to put too much information on the notepad essentially making it useless. Thinking minimally in your design, perhaps a logo and website only, will go a long way in making sure these custom printed post-it notepads are useful for years to come.

With Sticky Flyer Advertising’s low minimum order (only 24 pads) and high quality (we only print on Post-it note brand paper), now is the time to try out this unique promotional piece. Order in time for the holidays, or make sure all your employees use them to write notes to your clients. Whatever way you use them, they are a great item that will become a staple for your office for years to come.

Buy Custom Printed Post It Notepads

Click on the size you want below to start the order process for you custom printed post it notepads. Let us know what you think!