Real Estate Sticky Note Advertisement

Apartment Leasing Advertisement

Sticky Note Pads: Ready to build awareness about your apartment complex? Try custom sticky note pads  to create an apartment leasing advertisement to give to your clients. Place the logo of your apartment complex with a phone number and website. Share with potential clients, real estate agents, or even your chamber of commerce to increase your reach. You can always bring your sticky note pads to local colleges and universities as a free giveaway and a reminder of your premium apartment complex. Our sticky notes come in 50-sheet pads and ship in under two weeks. Find out more.

Sticky Flyers: Break the mold on traditional grass roots advertising. Many of the top apartment rental advertisement professionals have successfully used sticky note flyers to promote their business. Some use sticky flyers as sticky note leaflets on car windows, or as box toppers at local pizzerias. You can even use them as a cross-promotion with another business. We love to hear your creative stories on how you use your sticky flyers.

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Check Out Some Recent Apartment Leasing Advertisements

Some of our most satisfied clients are apartment managers who use sticky notes to advertise their complex. The advertisements below were used to increase occupancy in a cost-effective way.