Looking Ahead: New Sticky Note Advertising Series

Long-term planning is hard to do. Business managers everywhere can relate. There is the pull of planning for upcoming advertising opportunities, while juggling the myriad of daily tasks that seem to take priority. The thought of planning for advertising in March seems overwhelming!

Here at Sticky Flyer Advertising, we can relate. We are in the process of revamping our marketing campaign and would love to share with you, our partners and customers, some of the ideas and insights we come across as we boldly plan for upcoming advertising campaigns.

march madness pizzeria advertisement sticky flyer

March Madness Advertising

Start planning for March Madness especially if you are a sports-centered restaurant or pizzeria. Use sticky flyers to advertise march madness specific coupons. Also, take the time to cross-sell your high-margin items by developing clever marketing campaigns. Finally, restaurants should take this opportunity to promote their online ordering system and speedy delivery. Remember, this is your time to shine.

advertising in march

St. Patricks Day Holiday (March 17)

Not sure how green beer and leprechauns can relate to your business? We’ve seen advertisements that offer free giveaways to everyone who comes to the business with green socks. Or, perhaps you are a restaurant and you want to offer special coupons for the entire month? Check out the ad included in this article for ideas for your Sticky Flyer March advertising campaign.

For non-restaurant businesses, the St. Patrick’s day holiday offers you a chance to relax and show your humorous side. For many, a leprechaun reminds them that it is their lucky day! One apartment complex used sticky flyers advertising in a really fun way. They had an illustration of their building with a rainbow and a pot of gold — they advertised the ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow was $1,000 off the first months rent. This successful campaign helped them reach their occupancy goals within one month.

Daylight Savings – March Advertising (March 11)

What will you do with the extra hour of daylight? Better yet, how can your clients use that extra time to patron your business? This promotional opportunity fits best with home improvement companies. Lawn maintenance services, home improvement specialists, or painting services to get peoples’ house ready for spring.

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About Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead is geared toward savvy business owners and marketing professionals who want creative advertising ideas for their sticky flyer campaign. Though these ideas are for ads on premium Post-it® note paper, you can translate them across your advertising channels. We encourage you to get creative! When you are ready to place your Sticky Flyer order, click one of the order buttons below.