Home Improvement Advertisement

home improvement advertisement

Take advantage of our design services for a custom home improvement advertisement.

Sticky Flyer Advertisements: Your home improvement advertisement will make a big impact on a custom Post-it note flyer. Sticky Flyer advertisements can be posted door-to-door, on mailboxes, and even on car windows. When you are working in a neighborhood, it may be cost effective to work with multiple homeowners at once. Sticky Flyers are an ideal way to canvas the neighborhood without appearing intrusive. Many of our clients will offer a neighborhood special to secure more contracts quickly and easily.

Sticky Note Pads: Ready to build awareness about your home improvement business? Try custom sticky note pads to give to your clients. It’s a promotional item your clients can really use. Share your sticky note pads as holiday presents or as leave behinds with your home improvement bids. It’s also effective to share with a client after you finish a job so you will be top of mind next time they have a home improvement project. Give them a few pads to share with their friends who may need your services. It is a fantastic way to share a referral.

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Graphic Design Services

Nervous about launching your first sticky flyer campaign? Don’t worry, we have design service professionals to help you with a custom advertisement. Our design services are only $90 and we will follow your design specifications. You will receive your first proof within 24 hours. We are happy to make any changes you request and send you a modified proof before it goes to production. Production time is under two weeks. Find out more about the ordering process.

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Check out the notes below for ideas on ways to advertise your home improvement business. We also have samples available on our Facebook and Flickr page. Contact us if you need assistance.