Sticky Note Advertising On a a Bike Frame

Out-of-the-Box Sticky Flyer Advertising

Part of the magic of Sticky Flyer Advertising is the creativity of our clients. 

We’d like to give a shout out to Rob Everitt from Community Bikes and Boards in Philadelphia. We love his creative use of 4×3 sticky notes as bike advertisements.

Check out his ad in action and view his testimonial below.

community_bike_proof“What we love best about sticky flyer ads is how effective and affordable this form of advertising is. Or should we call it guerrilla marketing?! Sure beats paying all that money for door hangers or postage.

Whether you want to do car windows, doors…or bike frames… it has been our best, and most affordable form of advertisement. Our favorite part is how “selective” you can be. This bike could definitely use a tune up, we place that sticky note on that bike. Or we can target “neighborhoods” here in philly that we want to reach by tagging all the cars. “College Interns” are great at that. Haha.”

Rob Everitt, Community Bikes and Boards
Philadelphia, PA

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