What is Sticky Note Advertising?

Sticky note advertising is a versatile way to grow your business. We print full color advertisements directly on a Post-it® Note paper. You can then stick your advertisements anywhere. Many of our businesses use these sticky note flyers as box toppers, on car windows, or as door hangers.

The beauty of using a sticky note is your targeted client can pull off the advertisement and place it in a place that is visible and relevant to them. For instance, they can re-apply the sticky note ad to their day planner, on their fridge, or even on their dash board.

Below is a list of ways to use your Post-it® Note Advertisements!

Custom Sticky Note Flyer on a Door used as Door HangerSticky Note Door Hanger – Traditional door hangers are simply too expensive and too much of a hassle. Sticky note door hangers, on the other hand are easy to apply and affordable. Post-it® Notes are familiar to every household, so when they see one on their door, they know to re-apply it to a prominent location in their house. It is great for your business because you can use this unique business advertisement in a variety of different mediums, such as on mail boxes, or on car window.

Sticky Note Car Flyer - Sticky Flyer AdvertisingSticky Note Windshield Flyer – Using leaflets to advertise your business in a parking lot, is another outdated form of advertising. Offer your potential client something easier and convenient – sticky note windshield leaflets. Our premium Post-it® Notes will easily apply directly to their drivers side window without leaving a residue. They are easy to peal off and re-post right on their dash board!

Sticky Note on a Pizza Box. Sticky Flyer Advertising, custom sticky note advertisingSticky Note Box Topper – Want a truly unique way to market your business? Try Post-it® Note box toppers to send your advertising message home with a unique clientele. Partner with your local pizza company and start advertising today. There are many unique advertising messages you could print on your sticky note.

Front Page Sticky Note Advertising – Expand your reach even further with front page sticky note advertising.