Landscape Maintenance Advertisement

Landscape Maintenance AdvertismentA great landscape maintenance advertisement can mean the difference between a good summer and a GREAT summer. Watch your sales calls soar with Sticky Flyer Advertising. These custom Post it note advertisements can be placed on front doors, mail boxes, and car windows. Canvas your target neighborhood and reduce travel time between jobs.

Sticky Note Pads: Ready to build awareness about your landscape maintenance business? Try custom sticky note pads to give to your clients. We print on premium Post-it® note paper — your clients will notice that you pay attention to details. Also, having your landscape company’s contact information on a sticky note pad will keep you top of mind when they need lawn and garden services. Try it during the summer and see results all year round.

Bonus idea: Use sticky note pads as holiday give-aways to show appreciation to your clients.

Sticky Flyer Advertising: Try a new twist on traditional flyers. We put premium Post-it note adhesive on our flyers allowing them to stick to any surface without leaving a residue. Your potential client can easily peel them off and re-apply to their fridge, day planner, or by their phone. Many landscape maintenance businesses have successfully used sticky note flyers to promote their business and increase sales. Check out the designs below for ideas

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Explore examples of landscape advertisements below. You can submit your own artwork or take advantage of our graphic design services to help make your advertising goals a reality.