real estate sticky flyer notepad

Real Estate Custom Sticky Note Advertisements

Real Estate Custom Sticky Note Advertisements

Advertise your real estate business on custom Post-it® Notes! Traditional door hangers work… sticky note door hangers work better. Better yet, let us design a promotional sticky notepad to give away to your clients. You can have a customized gift for all your clients for as little as 88¢ a pad. We print on premium, Post-it® Note paper with their top-notch adhesive, so you can be sure your note looks and feels professional.

Real estate sticky notes are our specialty. We provide excellent customer service and deliver premium Post-it® Note advertisements at a reasonable cost. Contact us today and find out how real estate sticky note advertising will work for you.

Sticky Note Pads: Ready for your real estate practice to stand out? Try custom sticky note pads to give to your clients.

Sticky Flyers: Ready to break the mold on traditional grass roots advertising? Many of the top real estate professionals have successfully used sticky note flyers to promote their business.

Order your notes today for as little as $132*.

*FREE shipping

Bonus Tip: Sticky Flyers are a great way to advertise rentals. Use as a door hanger, windshield leaflet, and box topper.

Check Out Some Recent Real Estate Sticky Ads

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to figure out your next real estate advertising campaign. Sticky Flyer Advertising is here to make your marketing goals a reality. We only print on premium Post-it® note paper because, lets face it, quality is everything especially when you are purchasing or selling a expensive real estate.

Browse the ads below for inspiration. We offer graphic design services to help make your advertising goals a reality. For only $90 you can hire an experienced graphic designer to put together an amazing promotion.